The Mission

Science or Snake Oil
Pseudo and quasi-science, deepfakes, and the now the use of AI bolstering misplaced confidence unfairly gains credibility when individuals cleverly mimic the appearance of genuine science, logic, and reality to further personal agendas, pursue profits, or wield power, often disregarding the well-being of humanity.

I strive to study from reliable sources, remain open to theories spanning from the fantastic to the logical, and actively combat ignorance by refraining from and discouraging false beliefs.

The Passion

My passion is to weave together knowledge and wisdom through the tapestry of my life's triumphs and trials. My current focus is on studying the complexities of the mind and brain, aiming to enhance both my own well-being and that of others. I am inclined towards empowering people to align their positive desires and intentions with their actions and behaviors.

The Path

A Philomath :
At Western Connecticut State University:
I'm motivated to deepen my understanding and acquire practical skills to explore the factors that shape neuronal activity, behavior, and the physiological effects of epigenetics.

Research Predilection:
The Phenomenon of Consciousness & Reality:
As I delve deeper into the captivating world of learning, it is my hope and desire to contribute to our understanding of the fundamental elements of consciousness and reality. Through exploring the diverse and interconnected disciplines of science, psychology, and sociology, I aim to uncover the answers to the fundamental questions at the core of my research.

Through and Beyond 2023:

My understanding and perspective will naturally evolve as I continue to learn and explore diverse fields of study. The interdisciplinary nature of my interests provides a rich and dynamic foundation for continuous growth and discovery.

I will encounter new ideas, perspectives, and areas of interest. The evolution of my understanding will lead me to ask new questions, challenge existing assumptions, and contribute to the ongoing dialogue amongst colleagues as well as within my life's odysseys.

The pursuit of understanding consciousness is a complex and ongoing process. Ultimately, it is my hope to provide contributions that shape and expand our quality of life.
Authored Works:
Nature's Lifeforce - Fostering Holistic Well-Being in Today's Fast-Paced World 4/13/2024
Annotated Bibliography Assignmant for Final Argument Essay 4/19/2024

"People are always blaming their circumstances for what they are. I don't believe in circumstances. The people who get on in this world are the people who get up and look for the circumstances they want, and if they can't find, they make them." - George Bernard Shaw

"We become what we think about, positive or negative. Conversly, if we think about nothing, we become nothing." - Earl Nightingale
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